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Horace BugZbugs "De Insect" Matthew Jr. surely proved himself as a multitalented recording artist over the past few years with hits like "Treadmill, Handcuffa, Forklift, Rolex, Down in the Saddle, and many more. His musical journey started when he was 15 years old. Horace was one of the founders of a small neighborhood band known as the "Toy Soldiers Band" that was managed by Craig "Cee" Lloyd of the Mon Bijou community center. The Toy Soldiers band was supposedly a younger replica of the late and great UMB Soldiers band, being that they all were from the same neighborhood.

At the age of 16, he was added to the "All Star Band" alongside Kylo, and they became a little teen band sensation. BugZbugs knew he always had a passion for music, but at the same time, he was known for his basketball skills. Writing lyrics and poems was the only way he coped with his surroundings growing up. The All Star Band broke up and BugZbugs fell under the wings of Dennis "Dennis the Mennis" Knight (Former UMB Solider Lead Singer). BugZbugs shadowed Dennis the Mennis for about two and a half years soaking up all the knowledge along the journey. Mennis showed him all the tricks and trade to the music business. Mennis also taught him how to convert his pain and energy into music. With the knowledge BugZbugs gained, he learned how to record, master, and engineer his own music. A few years later, he bought his own studio equipment. In the summer of 2013, BugZbugs released his first hit single as a solo artist entitled "Forklift" produced by Iaryn "Swanks" Williams (Current Stylee Band Member). "Forklift" opened doors for BugZbugs as a solo artist and he never looked back since! BugZbugs has been consistent since the summer of 2013. He also showed his versatility by remixing popular rap songs expressing tons of knowledge with his lyrical abilities.

Today, BugZbugs is the Vice President and is currently the face of a Non-Profit organization that goes by the name of "Sixteen Ah We". He is also in a partnership with a popular production team entitled "Marvelus Production Team" (MPT) with his good friend "Iaryn "Swanks" Williams. BugZbugs is a college graduate with a Bachelors degree in Sports, Entertainment and Event Management. BugZbugs will continue to bring creative ideas to the table, executing his music with high energy, and electrifying the fans where ever he sets foot on stage. BugZbugs will forever SHOW HIS BREED!


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