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By J. Pokorný, N Yanishlieva, M. Gordon

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(Woodhead Publishing) presents a overview of the useful function of antioxidants and discusses how they are often successfully exploited by means of the foodstuff undefined. define layout.

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B-carotene, with tocopherols150–153 and other phenolic antioxidants such as tert-butylated © 2001 by Woodhead Publishing Ltd. hydroquinone (TBHQ)154 and quercitrin155 synergistically inhibited lipid peroxidation. 156 Mortensen and Skibsted157 found that the rate of this reaction increased with the number of conjugated double bonds in the carotenoids and decreased in the presence of hydroxy and especially keto groups. 1 shows the dependence of the IP on the composition of the mixtures lard–sunflower oil and tallow–olive oil during oxidation at 100 °C.

8,9 In the presence of a sensitiser (Sens), such as chlorophylls, porphyrins, bilirubin, riboflavin, pheophytins,10 and under light, singlet oxygen can be generated according to the following scheme: Sens is excited to its first excited state (1Sens) and then undergoes intersystem crossing (ISC) to a metastable triplet state (3Sens): ISC Sens Æ 1Sens ææÆ 3 Sens Triplet state 3Sens can initiate a reaction with ground state triplet oxygen 3 O2 to form singlet oxygen 1O2: 3 Sens + 3O2 Æ Sens + 1O2 The photosensitised oxidation is not autocatalytic.

G. elevated temperatures), because alkyl radicals react extremely rapidly with oxygen under atmospheric conditions. The preventive inhibitors deactivate the active species and possible precursors of free radicals and thereby suppress the generation of free radicals and reduce the rate of oxidation. Peroxide decomposers such as thioethers, methionine and thiodipropionic acid and its esters prevent the formation of free radicals for initiation of new chain reactions. 2, are also considered as preventive antioxidants.

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