Edward Timms's Anna Haag and her Secret Diary of the Second World War: A PDF

By Edward Timms

ISBN-10: 3034318189

ISBN-13: 9783034318181

How was once it attainable for a well-educated country to help a regime that made it a criminal offense to imagine for your self? This was once the most important query for the Stuttgart-based writer Anna Haag (1888–1982), the democratic feminist whose anti-Nazi diaries are analysed during this publication. Like Victor Klemperer, she deconstructed German political propaganda day-to-day, giving her critique a gendered concentration via tough the ethos of masculinity that sustained the Nazi regime. This pioneering examine translates her diaries, secretly written in twenty notebooks now preserved on the Stuttgart urban Archive, as a desirable resource for the research of way of life within the 3rd Reich. the outlet sections cartoon the paradigms that formed Haag’s creativity, analysing the impression of the 1st global warfare and the feminist and pacifist commitments that encouraged her literary and journalistic writings. large quotations from the diaries are supplied, with English translations, to demonstrate her responses to the cataclysms that the increase of Hitler, from the army conquests and Jewish deportations to the devastation of strategic bombing. The booklet concludes with a bankruptcy that strains the hyperlinks among Haag’s critique of army tyranny and her contribution to post-war reconstruction.

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Renate und Brigitte appeared at a time when the vogue for eugenics was leading to mixed parenthood being stigmatized as ‘miscegenation’. But Haag’s narrative expresses strong sympathy for Richard who, despite being the dark-skinned illegitimate son of a blond German woman and shady Hungarian artist, is being raised by the warm-hearted Renate. Indeed, the novel comes down firmly on the side of nurture, at least where the mothers are concerned. Maternal love may not be able to alter genetic traits, but in this novel it guides both boys towards emotional maturity.

Looking back, she was to attribute her interest in public affairs to her upbringing as a schoolmaster’s daughter, and this social matrix is indeed significant. Teachers in rural areas made a decisive contribution to the high literacy levels of late nineteenth-century Germany, educationally the most advanced nation in Europe. As head of the village school, Anna’s father Jakob Schaich was able to provide a stable home for his wife Karoline (née Mergenthaler), who also came from a schoolteaching family.

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