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By Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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‘Think for a minute approximately what electrical energy is and the way we use it, and you'll have a few proposal, although approximate, of God. We use electrical energy to warmth and light our homes, and tool all types of machines and home equipment, yet we need to be very cautious of the way we deal with it, for you will reason an coincidence. Direct touch with an electrical present should be deadly. with a view to harness and use it with no risk, we need to channel it via transformers. an identical should be acknowledged of God: God is sort of a natural present of electrical energy which has to go through transformers prior to it reaches us. And the transformers that God makes use of are the numerous luminous beings that populate the heavens, identified to culture because the choirs of angels or angelic hierarchies. it really is via them that we obtain divine lifestyles; it really is via them that we will be able to keep up a correspondence with God.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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Then God replied: 'Ehieh Asher Ehieh' (the literal meaning of which is 'I shall be who I shall be' ). And God added: 'Thus you shall say to the Israelites: "I shall be" has sent me to you. ' Thus Ehieh, the name of God that corresponds to the sephirah Kether, means 'I shall be. ' God names himself 'I shall be' in order to show that he has not manifested himself completely. He is the being of sublime becoming, he whom we can neither see, nor hear, nor touch. 62 Angels and other Mysteries . . Jehovah, Jehovah Tzebaoth, Yah In both Binah and Netzach the name of God is Jehovah.

In this sense one can say that only God is truly holy, because he is pure light. This is what the Seraphim are saying, and this is why the word holiness is an integral part of their name: Hayoth HaKadesh, creatures of holiness or Holy Living Creatures. The head of the angelic order of the Seraphim is Metatron, the Prince of the Face. As his name indicates, Metatron is the only creature who can see God face to face, and it was he who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai . No human being, however exalted, can b e i n direct contact with God, for God i s a consuming fire that would immediately reduce 46 Angels and other Mysteries.

But on this plane, the purity of matter is such that it is almost the same substance as the spirit. The Seraphim are the first to receive the divine emanations. Immersed as they are in the ocean of primal matter still in a state of turmoil, they drink at the source of light, the source of love. This is their only nourishment, the contemplation of the Lord, and this is wp-y they are represented as having eyes over the whole of their bodies. The Seraphim are the most perfect manifestation of love, for true love is contemplation.

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