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By Timothy Zahn

ISBN-10: 081258418X

ISBN-13: 9780812584189

Angelmass, a black gap deep in house, emits "angels," small debris that render people calm, average, and almost incapable of mendacity. The Empyrean, human colonies within the a long way reaches of the galaxy, has came upon the angels and the ability they wield. All individuals of Empyrean govt needs to hold an angel.The Earth-based Empire, the Pax, view the angels as an alien plot to subvert humanity. They dispatch Jereko Kosta, an blameless educational, to undercover agent at the Empyrean and discover the reality approximately angels. With Chandris, a grifter who canine his steps, he enlists on an "angel-hunting" send. pack up, Kostas learns the angels will be extra risky than the Pax worry. prior to he can react, the Pax dispatches their strongest warship to confront the Empyrean. Now, Kosta and Chandris, one of the few who recognize the reality concerning the angels, stand among the Empyrean, the Pax, and struggle.

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Moving north on Kori Street, in the city of Magasca," the line car answered. " Kosta nodded, locating it. From the layout of the two cities and their surrounding communities he'd already come to the conclusion that Magasca and Shikari City had been built at different times; from the view out his window, it was apparent that Magasca, at least, had been here for a considerable number of years. Vaguely, he wondered how long a city had to be in existence before it created slums like this. The aging streets and buildings of Magasca gave way—rather abruptly, it seemed—to the cleaner and fresher cityscape of Shikari City.

His thick fingers traced patterns in the air —You want me, Mr. Forsythe? Yes, Forsythe signed back. Deaf since birth, Ronyon could read lips reasonably well, but one of Forsythe's standing rules was that his inner circle use hand-sign language with Ronyon whenever possible. Like all skills, signing went rusty with disuse, and Forsythe didn't want his people losing this particular ability. It was often very handy to be able to hold a private conversation across a crowded room. I'm going to be giving a speech in half an hour, he told the other, and I want you to go down to the studio and make sure everything's ready.

She knew enough about everyone's project or study to make comments, offer suggestions, ask worthwhile questions, and give encouragement. Introducing Kosta around, she rattled off home cities and family details as if these were all longtime personal friends instead of the temporary academic visitors they actually were. Somewhere far in the back of his mind Kosta had wondered how Podolak, without any of the visible trappings of authority, could possibly maintain the proper tone of the respect and discipline among her subordinates.

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