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In the west the Kun-luns consists of parallel chains of mountains bending around the Tarim basin, with many peaks rising 20,000-22,000 feet (6000-7000 meters). Central and eastern ranges in the Kun-luns are less elevated, generally between 17,000 and 19,000 feet (50006000 meters). The highest peak is Ulug Muztagh, rising 25,476 feet (7723 meters). Beyond the northern flanks of the Kun-luns, the altitude drops steeply at the rim of the Tarim basin. Oases such as Hotan (Khotan), Yutian (Keriya), and Qarqan (Charchan) are located only 3000-5000 feet (900-1500 meters) above sea level.

The earliest fish-first animals with a backbone-were followed by amphibians and reptiles. From a branch of the reptile line, mammals arose 200 million years ago. Among the mammals were the primates, which eventually gave rise to humans. 25 million years ago, in a period when the plateau also began rising rapidly. This combination of events increased the severity of the Ice Age cli· mate in Tibet; Across the world, steppe and desert replaced forests during the glacial periods, but trees and vegetation returned during the warmer inter· glacials.

The climate turned severely cold 28,000 years ago, becoming even harsher than the previous cold period. By 18,000 years ago, the ice reached its maximum. COLD STEPPELAND ANIMALS Tibet was greatly changed by the severe Ice Age climate. The increasing height of the plateau harshened the climate to such a degree that even during interglacial periods the weather remained cold and dry, though not so severe as during glacial periods. This in tum altered the animal population. Cold-tolerant birds and animals from the steppes and deserts of northern and central Asia are thought to have moved into Tibet as it became the cold and 48 The Land dry habitat that they were accustomed to.

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