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By Gregory Elliott

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Louis Althusser used to be most likely some of the most advanced - and the main arguable - of the "maitres de penser" to emerge from the turbulent Parisian highbrow scene of the Nineteen Sixties. in the course of an extended profession, Althusser completed vast repute, notoriety and, eventually, effacement. but his paintings is still an immense point in modern philosophy and cultural critique. This quantity, timed to coincide with the English-language book of Althusser's autobiography, "The destiny Lasts a protracted Time", assesses the significance and impact of "Althusserianism", either when it comes to, and past, the controversies of his political occupation and the occasions of his own biography. one of many central goals of the e-book is to situate Althusser and his texts in the wider histories and cultures to which they belong, drawing on individuals from quite a lot of backgrounds and geographical destinations. hence E.J. Hobsbawm contextualizes Althusser's Marxism; Pierre Villar assesses Althusserian historiography; Paul Ricoeur probes Althusser's thought of ideology; Axel Honneth articulates his relation to the central rival faculties of Marxism within the Sixties and Nineteen Seventies; Peter Dews examines his family to the structuralist tuition; David Macey casts a sceptical eye over his alliance with Lacan; Francis Mulhern explores the variety of Anglophone "Althusserianism"; and Gregory Elliott responds to Althusser's research of his personal case historical past. The ebook concludes with a bibliography of Althusser's research of his personal case historical past.

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