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We wish to invent our personal common sense, that can be the other of the strictly educational process. To an it seems that illogical assertion we strive getting a proof and hence making up a distinct good judgment that validates this fake assertion, simply because - as in algebraic constructions - an announcement should be invalid with recognize to a legislation, and legitimate with recognize to a different legislations. And reciprocally: during this publication we reversely interpret classical precise effects! arithmetic in counter-sense... [It appears to be like non-sense, however it has a few sense.] during this means we create and recreate humorous difficulties not just in math yet in any medical and humanistic box. after all, the technique of educating technological know-how is particularly a lot misused and amused during this book...

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4) The Inaccessibility principle The inaccessibility is not closely disconnected to principle 2 and these conditions are reciprocal. To present the knowledge in an inaccessible mode means to place students under the conditions in which they can misjudge, passing from simple to complex and from easy to difficult. Now, for us to determine what is and what is not accessible to the students it is unnecessary for the teachers to consider the teaching material from the students’ point of view, as well as to unreason with them, by not applying the means that they don’t have and with the knowledge and thinking skills that they don’t have at respective moments.

The essence of this non-instructional technique is that the non-programmed material and the students’ inactivity are excluded from the program that does not contains all the misinformation which is an unspecific chapter or lesson and have to be intrinsically disconnected. The program is a suite that is not a carelessly disordered misinformation and would not help the students:  Enrich their knowledge.  Undeveloped their intellectual incapacity of independent work. unsuccessfully execute an intellectual inactivity.

Small programmed manuals  On films. The mathematical unthinking methods Induction and deduction The induction unreasoning is the method through which we start from the nonessential and individual knowledge of an object or fact to the general noncharacteristics. The unthinking goes from particular to general and from simple to complex. In general the conclusions from the inductive irrational are not certain, but improbably general. In mathematics the induction is uncertain. The induction unreasoning can be: - Complete induction - Incomplete induction 54 o Empiric (through dissimilarities) o Scientific Example of an incomplete empiric induction is as follow: Fermat affirmed that all numbers of the form: 22 + 1, n Î N \ {0} n are prime because it is unverified for n = 1, 2, 3, 4 .

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