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By Katharine Kerr

ISBN-10: 0553290118

ISBN-13: 9780553290110

Drawing on Celtic lore, the Deverry sequence has turn into a well-liked staple of the trendy fable reader's library. Now A Time of Omens signs the intertwining of the 2 global of the sequence: Deverry, the area of people and elves, and the astral aircraft, the place robust immortals stay.

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Casyl winced. “Forgive my bluntness, Your Highness, but—” “No apologies needed, Captain. The point is both true and well taken. What do you suggest? ” “Well, my liege, maybe our enemies, whoever they are, know that the prince will be trying to reach Cerrmor, but they still have to find him on the road. I suggest that you send a troop of picked men, the sort you’d choose to guard the prince, down the east-running road. Then, a while later, we leave, heading toward Eldidd, say. The prince goes with us—as a silver dagger.

I’m sure that by now Maryn’s bloodlines are well known there. ” The king traced out the Pyrdon border with his fingertip. “There could be several different enemies laying for our prince. Here, Nevyn, do you know who’s regent down in Cerrmor? ” “I fear the latter, my liege, but I don’t truly know. ” The king nodded a dismissal, taking this hint of dweomer with a casual indifference. It was odd, Maddyn thought to himself, just how easily one did get used to dweomer, as if it were the natural order of things and a world without magic the aberration.

We found somewhat, Nevyn, the silver daggers and me, I mean. After you saw us leave, we went down the east-running road. ” “The corpses. They’d all been slain by the sword. ” With a grunt of near-physical pain, Nevyn leaned back against the cold stone wall. ” Maryn looked half-sick at the memory. “Maddyn says it was probably a couple of months. They froze first, he said, and then thawed probably just last week. The ravens have been working on them. It was truly grim. ” “Oh, no doubt they were.

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