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By Alger F. Johns

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This general grammar e-book of biblical Aramaic, utilized by scholars at many seminaries and universities, is the single one to incorporate graded routines on the shut of every of its twenty classes.

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The Haphel Participles a r e : anana (masc. sing, active) anana (masc. sing, passive) nanana (f. sg. active or passive) panana (m. pi. active or passive) janana (f. pi. active or passive) As was true with the Pael, the Haphel likewise has only a few actual occurrences in the regular (strong) verbs of BA. ) — second-person masculine singular — third person masculine plural npbpn nVst^n Itnn Imperfect — third person masculine singular Infinitive — VpEJn'' nVsiPn Imperative — masculine singular cbtn 5.

H i t h p a a l : all occurrences of this conjugation in verbs strictly Lamedh Laryngeal are regular. The Ithpeel Conjugation: As was mentioned previously (Lesson IX, sec. 2), in BA there occurs a reflexive conjugation basically identical to 45 the Hithpeel, except it begins with an K in the Perfect, rather than with a n . This appears to be on an analogy with the causatives, where the Haphel begins with a n and the Aphel with an x , extended into the reflexives so that there is a form anariX corresponding to the form ansnn.

Nouns with one changing vowel in the ultima and a single final consonant. (3) (4) (5) Nouns with unchanging vowels and a single final consonant. N o u n s with a doubled final consonant (which usually appears as a single consonant in the absolute s t a t e ; see I 4). (6) N o u n s ending in r i - . (7) Feminine nouns ending in ri- and with unchanging vowels. (8) Feminine nouns ending in H- and with changing vowels. (9) Feminine nouns ending in and i_. (10) N o u n s of unique formation. ). The numbers of the above classes are the numbers found in parentheses after the nouns and adjectives in the vocabularies at the end of each lesson in this grammar.

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