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By Lajos Diosi

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This brief and concise primer takes the vantage element of theoretical physics and the harmony of physics. It units out to strip the burgeoning box of quantum info technology to its fundamentals through linking it to common strategies in physics. an in depth lecture instead of a accomplished textbook, this quantity relies on classes added over numerous years to complicated undergraduate and starting graduate scholars, yet primarily it addresses an individual with a operating wisdom of easy quantum physics. Readers will locate those lectures a so much enough access aspect for theoretical experiences during this box.

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In the language of communication theory, Alice sends the qubits, encoding the raw-key, through a q-channel to Bob. Further communications of the protocol, like that describing the code qubits to Bob and the locations of the bits of the sift-key to Alice, are sent through classical channels. Both the classical and q-channels are public, anybody has the access to the bits or q-bits travelling through them. Yet, the resulting sift-key is protected from unnoticed eavesdropping. Eve can unnoticedly eavesdrop the classical channel but she does not obtain any useful knowledge regarding the sift-key.

Fidelity of qubit determination. Suppose Alice sends Bob a random qubit |n . Bob knows this but he does not know the state itself. Bob measures a polarization σ ˆm chosen along a random direction m. Let us determine the best expected fidelity of Bob’s state estimate. 4. Post-measurement depolarization. Alice prepares for Bob a state of polarization s which is unknown to Bob but he wishes to learn it. On the received state, Bob would measure the polarization along a random direction, for lack of a better idea.

Let us add that prior to Alice’s test, it makes no sense to say that a single banknote is bad or good. This is hidden q-information as long as the test is not yet done. The task of longtime coherent preservation of arbitrary qubits is not yet solved. Therefore q-banknotes have so far not been realized since the qubit states ought to be preserved on the banknote for an unlimited time. The no-cloning principle has nonetheless another application which is realizable easier, as we see in the next Section.

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