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The collection of U pani~ads translated by Dara shiko, Aurangzeb's brother, contained 50 Upani~ads. Iuktika Upani~arl gives a list of I08 Upani~ads. With the exception of the first 13 Upani~ads most of them are of more or less later date. The Upani~ds dealt with in this chapter are the earlier ones. Amongst the later ones there are some which repeat the purport of these, there are others which deal with the Saiva, Sakta, the Yoga and the Vai~l)ava doctrines. These will be referred to in connection with the cansideration of those systems in Volume II.

V. I. I43· 3· They would describe the wind (Vata) and adore him and say "In what place was he born, and from whence comes he? " R. V. X. 168. 3, 4· It was the forces of nature and her manifestations, on earth here, the atmosphere around and above us, or in the Heaven beyond the vault of the sky that excited the devotion and imagination of the Vedic poets. Thus with the exception of a few abstract gods of whom we shall presently speak and some dual divinities, the gods may be roughly classified as the terrestrial, atmospheric, and celestial.

Ind. , p. " Max MUller (S. B. E. 1. p. " Eggeling (S. B E. XII. In trod. p. " But in view of the fact that the Brahmal}as were also supposed to be as much revealed as the Vedas, the present writer thinks that Weber's view is the correct one. 1 2 14 The Vedas, Brahma~zas and their Philosophy [cH. system, unparalleled anywhere but among the Gnostics. C. The Ara9yakas. as however we get the Arat)yakas or forest treatises. These works were probably composed for old men who had retired into the forest and were thus unable to perform elaborate sacrifices requiring a multitude of accessories and articles which could not be procured in forests.

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