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By Raimond Doctor

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Ce ne sont pas des questions qu’on puisse ignorer. 28 The verb group 57 / This exercise practises past participles of impersonal verbs and verbs used like auxiliaries. Complete the following sentences by putting the infinitives into the perfect or imperfect tense – whichever is appropriate in the context: 1 2 3 4 5 La chaleur qu’il (faire) cet été me (énerver). Je (oublier) chez moi les cent francs qu’il me (manquer) pour acheter un billet. Les événements qu’elle nous (raconter) me (paraître) incroyables.

The girls almost fainted when they saw him. The soldier almost died. We heard the boy singing. She thought she’d seen them. We’ll still have to find the guilty party. I hope to have the house painted white this summer. My friend will come and get me at 8. He was hoping to leave at 7 this morning. She must have stayed away. We hope to hear from them soon. This exercise practises the passive. Change the following sentences from the active into the passive form. Remember: the past participle agrees with the subject in a passive sentence.

She’s here! He may have invited her. You might have told me! 5 6 7 8 We should call the police. He must have mistaken the door. They may have done it for me. She ought to have gone to church. This exercise practises a range of tenses: use the perfect as the main past tense. La semaine dernière il y (avoir) une pluie grise et un vent froid dans les collines du sud de la Champagne, mais la population (venir) tout de même se recueillir sur la tombe de Charles de Gaulle. Vingt-cinq années (passer) depuis la mort, à son domicile dans le village agricole de Colombey-les-deux-Eglises, du plus grand président français de l’après-guerre.

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