Fischer, W.'s A Grammar of Classical Arabic PDF

By Fischer, W.

Translated from the German by way of Jonathan Rogers

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Certain very modern writers omit the commas when quotation marks are used, thus: ‘There remains’ he said ‘nothing to do’. But we cannot go fully into this question until we deal with the quotation mark. § 20: Recapitulatory The use of the comma in its simplest aspects—that is, in relation only to itself and the period—may be summarized thus: In apostrophe and appeal: You, sir, will help. O Caesar, hearken to my plea. In dates: Sunday, June 30, 1952, was a very hot day. Sunday, 30 June 1952, was… Avoid: Sunday, 30 June, 1952, was… for the comma after ‘June’ is unnecessary.

Fearing, he fled and, fleeing, ran into a trap. Courage, like fortitude, can be cultivated Like fortitude, courage can be cultivated. When, a child, he went there, he knew only his parents, but when, in advanced middle age, he left, he had too many friends and, a misfortune this, no parents. Too few words, an insurmountable obstacle, and too many, a deplorable weakness, these are the Scylla and Charybdis, but also the tornado and doldrums alike, of a writer’s career, uncharted for the most part, yet, where charted, requiring no chart other than that provided by horse sense, mother wit, native wit, natural intelligence, ordinary sense, sound sense.

If, however, we introduce ‘but’, we find that a comma, if not absolutely necessary, is at the least advisable: John felt ill and so he returned home, but he did not go to bed They wished to remain inconspicuous, but they acted foolishly and they even spoke very indiscreetly. There again the whole-hoggers would probably omit the comma after ‘home’ and ‘inconspicuous’; if they did, they would certainly jar a sensitive reader. ‘And’ and ‘but’ are not the only conjunctions employed to join two principal clauses.

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