97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom by Kevlin Henney PDF

By Kevlin Henney

ISBN-10: 0596809484

ISBN-13: 9780596809485

Tap into the knowledge of specialists to benefit what each programmer should still comprehend, it doesn't matter what language you utilize. With the ninety seven brief and intensely important information for programmers during this ebook, you'll extend your talents via adopting new methods to outdated difficulties, studying acceptable top practices, and honing your craft via sound advice.

With contributions from one of the most skilled and revered practitioners within the industry--including Michael Feathers, Pete Goodliffe, Diomidis Spinellis, Cay Horstmann, Verity Stob, and plenty of more--this booklet comprises sensible wisdom and ideas so you might observe to all types of projects.

the various ninety seven stuff you may still know:
* "Code within the Language of the Domain" by means of Dan North
* "Write checks for People" through Gerard Meszaros
* "Convenience isn't really an -ility" via Gregor Hohpe
* "Know Your IDE" through Heinz Kabutz
* "A Message to the Future" through Linda emerging
* "The Boy Scout Rule" through Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
* "Beware the Share" via Udi Dahan

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Attr-map? [params*] body) The attr-map associates metadata with the function’s var. 8, Metadata, on page 51. ' What does greeting do if the caller omits username? java:437) Clojure functions enforce their arity, that is, their expected number of arguments. If you call a function with an incorrect number of arguments, Clojure will throw an ArityException. If you want to make greeting issue a generic greeting when the caller omits username, you can use this alternate form of defn, which takes multiple argument lists and method bodies: (defn name doc-string?

The book samples are all unit tested, with tests located in the examples/test directory. The tests for the samples themselves are not explicitly covered in the book, but you may find them useful for reference. You can run the unit tests yourself with lein test. Require and Use When you require a Clojure library, you must refer to items in the library with a namespace-qualified name. introduction/fibs. introduction/fibs) -> (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34) Fully qualified names get old quickly. introduction) -> nil (take 10 fibs) -> (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34) For convenience, the use function will require and refer a library in a single step: (use quoted-namespace-symbol) From a new REPL you should be able to do the following: 8.

Report erratum • discuss 34 • Chapter 2. Exploring Clojure Variable arity is very useful in recursive definitions. See Chapter 4, Functional Programming, on page 85 for examples. Writing function implementations differing by arity is useful. But if you come from an object-oriented background, you’ll want polymorphism, that is, different implementations that are selected by type. Clojure can do this and a whole lot more. See Chapter 8, Multimethods, on page 187 and Chapter 6, Protocols and Datatypes, on page 143 for details.

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