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By Camellia Panjabi

ISBN-10: 1904920357

ISBN-13: 9781904920359

"This is the last word party of the actual Indian curry, encompassing either the vintage and the bizarre dishes from each zone of India. The creation not just weaves historical past, geography, and the philosophy of Indian food jointly, but additionally comprises an illustrated advisor to elements and curry-making innovations, together with find out how to mix flavor, aroma, and warmth. Fifty recipes for real Indian curries keep on with, from the vintage Goa Lamb Vindaloo to the extra unique Gujarat Mango and Yogurt Curry, every one observed by means of an in depth head observe at the recipe's starting place, neighborhood heritage, and a full-color photo to teach colour and texture. an extra 50 recipes, from rice, lentils, and potatoes to breads, chutneys, and cakes, around out this thorough book."

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