Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: Una odisea espacial (Odisea espacial, Libro 1) PDF

By Arthur C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 849989335X

ISBN-13: 9788499893358

Una expedición a los confines del universo y a los del alma, en l. a. que pasado, presente y futuro se amalgaman en un continuo enigmático. ¿Qué esencia última nos rige? ¿Qué lugar ocupa el hombre en el complejo entramado del infinito? ¿Qué es el tiempo, l. a. vida, los angeles muerte? Una grandiosa novela de dimensiones épicas cuyo amplio abanico de interpretaciones ofrece una visión totalizadora. Arthur C.Clarke colaboró estrechamente con Stanley Kubrick en l. a. producción de los angeles célebre película homónima.

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But Ballard only nods. " * They call it a squid; a jet-propelled cylinder about a meter long, with a headlight at the front end and a towbar at the back. Clarke, floating between Beebe and the seabed, checks it over with one hand. Her other hand grips a sonar pistol. She points the pistol into blackness; ultrasonic clicks sweep the night, give her a bearing. "That way," she says, pointing. Ballard squeezes down on her own squid's towbar. The machine pulls her away. After a moment Clarke follows.

She wonders if anyone's watching her now. Probably not; at least, nobody human. They'll have some machine, tireless and dispassionate, something that watches with relentless attention as she works or shits or gets herself off. It will be programmed to call flesh and blood if she does anything interesting. Interesting. Who defines that parameter? Is it strictly in keeping with the nature of the experiment, or has someone programmed more personal tastes on the side? Does anyone else get off when Lenie Clarke does?

STARFISH 40 PETER W ATTS Did I say something wrong? Clarke wonders. "Outside is hardly any better, you know," Ballard says. "Outside is even worse! " Somehow, her tone has turned accusing. Clarke shrugs. "No, you don't," Ballard is speaking slowly now. Her voice drops to a whisper: "You actually like it out there. " Reluctantly, Clarke nods. "Yeah. " "But it's so — the rift can kill you, Lenie. It can kill us. A hundred different ways. " "I don't know. I don't think about it much. " Ballard cries.

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