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By Jr. Hall Marshall

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The variation in the activity of different isolates may be due to different reasons. Inherent genetically controlled factors may logically be an important reason. The other reason may be that the different isolates had different number of passages in the host either under natural conditions or in the laboratory (Geetha and Rabindra 1999). In Log concentration–probit mortality relationship, the lower the slope value, the greater is the variability. Normally, the slope values were very low in bioassay studies with insect pathogens (Burges and Thompson 1971).

Each line consists of three major morphological types: round cells, spindle-shaped cells, and giant cells. Sundeep et al. (2005) developed two cell lines from the larval hemocyte and embryonic tissue of H. armigera and designated them as NIV-HA-1195 and NIV-HA-197, respectively. 88 Â 107 NPV/ml) on the 10th postinfection day (PID). The HaSNPV OBs produced in vitro were highly virulent to the second and third instars H. armigera larvae causing cessation of feeding on the 2nd day and mortality in 6 days.

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1960 Institute on Finite Groups by Jr. Hall Marshall

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